In this age of Hyper-Media and Soundbites, what used to be the norm is long past. In order to compete in today’s ever-changing world of entertainment, there is a constant need for new ideas, a way to express your inner self, and, be able to work with a company that thrives on innovation, THUNDERHEDD MUSIC is that vehicle, your partner in a creative environment, that thrives in the true meaning of “Self-Expression!” We have grown from the onset of the Rock era, through the growth of Soul and R&B into its newest form of Hip-Hop, also, New Age, Punk Rock, Country, the Blues, have survived the protests of the 70’s, and, were there during the creation of Heavy Metal and “White-Light Rock and Roll!” We have history, and, would like to help YOU become part of the Music Trust…, this history of contemporary music! 
    Have you got a project CD, and, you feel like you’re never going to get it done? Is the mix pretty good, but, you know it needs an outside ear to tweak the fine points? It’s a fact that most all name artists have their mixing and mastering done by an outside source. Read their liner notes and you’ll see! Maybe, you need the cover artwork done, or a Promo Pack. Pictures, graphics, logos, and bios are an equally important part of your product, too! What about posters, T-shirts, or advertising materials? We can put together a plan for you!
    We, at THUNDERHEDD, are constantly evolving, in order to give you a product that is mainstream, using the latest technology, mixed with the experience that comes with over 40 years in the music industry. There are no bounds to the imagination, and, our goal is to find the path that will lead to your future success, be it musical, literary, or, artistic. Now is the time to start releasing your creative side. We can help you.

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